Orgyen Tara Golden Stupa Project Details :
Phase I Completion

Phase I : May 2021 – August 2021 

Project Summary:  
The Orgyen Tara Relic Stupa Project was initiated by H.H. Khenchen Lama Rinpoche following the Parinirvana of Rinpoche’s beloved mother, Urgen Drolma Lama on 30th January 2019. The initial plan was to construct and install an outdoor relic stupa in the woodlands of Dzogchen Kalachakra Center, UK. However, due to the obstacles faced during this coronavirus pandemic, construction and permission for building planning has yet to be approved although application has been made to the relevant department since 2020.  After consultations with a mirror divination master from Tibet and with Rinpoche receiving auspicious indicative dreams related to the Stupa project after his retreat in early 2021, two sites in Yunnan, China has been identified as very auspicious locations for permanent placement of Orgyen Tara Relic Stupa. In order not to delay further the completion of The Orgyen Tara Relic Stupa project, in April 2021, Rinpoche contacted one of his close friends in Tibet and proceeded to getting several quotations on the cost of a Indoor Golden Relic Stupa from various Chorten makers. In early May 2021, Rinpoche confirmed the purchase of a 5ft Golden Enlightenment Stupa from one of Chengdu’s well-known Chorten maker.  
May 2021

Orygen Tara Golden Stupa

  • 5ft Enlightenment Stupa 
  • 24K Pure Gold Leaf
  • 999 Pure Silver 
  • Turquoise, Corals and Malachite

June 2021

Guru Padmasambhva Statue 

  • 3ft Bronze Guru Padmasambhva Statue
Dharma Text
  • 108  Buddha Shakyamuni Kangyur

July 2021

Arrival of Stupa, Statue and Texts

  • Shipment of Stupa, Statue and Texts from Chengdu to Li Jiang, Yunnan, China over several weeks in July 2021

August 2021

Temporary placement of Stupa , Statue and Texts

  •  At Li Jiang, Yunnan, China, at the residence of Khenpo Wosel & Sangye Lhamo Wosel Chosdron