Thank You Letter

Thank you, all of my students and friends, for your donations for mom’s Stupa.

I’d like to say to all of my students and friends that you did great donations to help to have mom’s Stupa. I am very thankful to all sponsors. 

The coronavirus has caused many problems with many people very sick and everyone having to be at home. Building Permission to build the Stupa in the UK has not been approved. And right now in the UK, many people are not working due to the coronavirus. 

I have very good news though, is that luckily, I found a Golden Stupa in Tibet. The organization is very good that my friend, Lama Yogi Samdrup did in Tibet. We had purchased a Golden Stupa. The Golden Stupa is not only 24K gold but also pure silver and has many precious stones in red, green, blue.  The quality of the Golden Stupa is similar to those used by many late masters and rinpoches.

I thank all of my students and friends very much for your help with donations and your wish to do mom’s Relic Stupa. I already wrote how many people gave donations. I also did a very short history of my mom with the stupa. 

I’m doing meditation and retreat now. There is not much now because of the virus.  We have now completed Phase I of the Stupa project and will commence Phase II next year 2022. 

Thank you everyone. This is good virtue, offering to all Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and to help all sentient beings reach the Great Enlightenment, I pray.

Inner Blessing. Khenchen Lama

1st December 2021